Mindfindings and Sounds

18 year old from India. Studying in California! I like to strum chords and my vocal cords. Check out my original stuff and covers at: https://soundcloud.com/thatindiankid
Me in the grocery store. Deal with it.

Me in the grocery store. Deal with it.


All I wanna do is do drugs and die OR go home. The drugs part seems pretty accessible

So this is a good place to rant?

Life’s a lie. Whatever you’ve been told, whatever you’ve been taught, it’s all a lie. Society is a farce and so is every other place we live in. There’s no need to work. There’s no need to chase after anything. Because after everything you do, everything you try to do, everything you hope for, everything you dream, it’s gonna get crushed. Just like that. Everything’s a fucking long shot. You can’t be nice, because nice guys finish last and die first. Fuck this.